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★8 Essential Laws of Universe (宇宙の8大法則)★

1.Law of Attraction (引き寄せの法則)

2.Law of Deliberate Creation (意図的創造の法則)

3.Law of Allowing (受け入れの法則)

4.Law of Pure Potentiality (無限の可能性の法則)

5.Law of Polarity (両極性の法則)

6.Law of Abundance and Sufficiency (豊かさの法則)

7.Law of Detachment (手放しの法則)

8.Law of Reflection (鏡の法則)

★Basic process to create your reality★


1.You create your reality. Automatic or Deliberate? You get to choose what you create and experience by choosing what you focus on. 


2.What you focus on expands and creates more experiences.


3.Experience-Thoughts-Beliefs-Emotions-Actions-Results/ Experience



4.Your perspective is decided by you from your belief system created by your past experiences, common sense, media, etc. 


5.If you are creating undesired reality repeatedly, you need to change your belief system to change your reality.


★5 steps to change your reality (理想の現実を創る5つのステップ)★

1. Destination/Goal (目的地/ゴールを明確化)

2. Current location/situation (現在地/現状把握)

3. Release Brake (ブレーキを外す)

4. Step on Accelerator  (アクセルを踏む)

5. Destination/Goal(目的地/ゴール到着)


Everything is working out for me.

Everything is perfect for me.

I appreciate everything.


I am setting an intention to do/have/be XXXX with ease, fun and effortlessly!

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