The ageLOC® Me Calibration Set includes one light Day moisturiser with SPF and no fragrance, one ulta-light Night moisturiser without fragrance and 3 ageLOC® Me serum cartridges. This set should only be used with the ageLOC® Me Device.

This set of products will suit most users, so it is ideal to be used for product demonstrations and shows.

Note: the cartridges included in the ageLOC® Me Calibration Set are the same ones that are included in the ageLOC® Me Skin Care System.

ageLOC Me™ Calibration Set


    The ageLOC® Me Calibration Set is formulated to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, firm the skin, decrease discolouration, even skin tone, lessen the appearance of pore size, smooth rough texture, hydrate the skin, and improve the overall skin appearance. The Calibration Set also contains ageLOC® ingredients, targeting the sources of the visible signs of ageing.