ageLOC® Galvanic Spa® is our most powerful, comprehensive at-home beauty device, designed to help deliver charged treatment products that visibly improve skin. This small-but mighty galvanic system combines smart technology and clinically proven treatments to promote youthful vibrancy. So smart and compact, it fits into your routine as easily as it fits in your hand. Using patented self-adjusting galvanic technology, ageLOC® Galvanic Spa® activates youth-renewing ageLOC® ingredients to visibly rejuvenate key areas of your face, hair, and body - exactly when you need it. Get ready to visibly smooth, firm, and rejuvenate from head to toe with ageLOC® Galvanic Spa®.


Introducing ageLOC® Y-Span®, a revolutionary supplement that helps revitalise your ageing defence mechanisms. Nu Skin®’s most advanced anti-ageing supplement ever, ageLOC® Y-Span® is designed to promote your youth span—the years you can enjoy life being more active, energetic, and healthy. ageLOC® Y-Span® gives you the power to defy your age.


Unlock the secret of a younger looking you each time you experience a rejuvenating in-home facial using Galvanic® Spa Facial Gels with ageLOC®.



*Package Contents:


1 x ageLOC® Galvanic Spa® System

1 x ageLOC® Galvanic® Gels

1 x ageLOC® Y-Span®



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Galvanic Spa® Beauty with ageLOC® Y-Span®

  • ageLOC® Y-Span®

    • Cellular Health: May help support cellular protection and repair/the body’s protection and repair mechanisms at the cellular level. May help support a healthy response at a cellular level.
    • Brain Health: May help to preserve cognition and memory in older people.
    • Heart Health: Helps support overall cardiovascular health.
    • Metabolic Health: Supports healthy lipid metabolism.
    • Skin Health: May help protect skin from photoageing.
    • Bone Health: Supports bone health and bone structure and integrity.
    • Eye Health: Lutein is important for healthy eye composition and protection. Promotes eye health and supports healthy vision.
    • Physical Performance: Supports physical performance in post-menopausal and elderly women.
    • Immune Health: Supports healthy immune function and response. Supports a healthy immune system.

    ageLOC® Galvanic Spa® System

    • Stimulates skin for improved appearance. Provides facial toning—improving facial contour and making skin look more voluminous.
    • Features microcurrent technology.
    • Includes 3 interchangeable conductors that are specially designed to follow the contours of the face.
    • Intuitive usability—no more guesswork. The timing and polarity are automatically pre-programmed to adjust accordingly to your treatment selection.
    • Automatically adjusts to your skin—delivers the correct amount of current for a more effective treatment.
    • The Galvanic® Spa features a sleek, intuitive display so you can start your treatment with the touch of a button. 


    ageLOC® Galvanic® Gels

    Pre-Treat Gel

    • Binds to impurities; softens and relaxes pores, allowing them to breathe; dissolves and liquefies excess facial oils.
    • Soothes and conditions the skin.

    Treatment Gel 

    • Removes impurities targeted in the pre-treat step.
    • ageLOC targets the sources of ageing to preserve the look of youth and reduce the appearance of ageing.
    • Facilitates recovery from stress; revives and invigorates tired skin by promoting cellular energy.
    • Enhances skin hydration, and leaves skin feeling incredibly soft, clean, and refreshed.